First you need to get a college degree. Nepal and India requires at least a high school degree in science with physics and mathematics. Meanwhile, the rest of the world does not necessarily have stringent educational requirements to become a pilot. Once you have the necessary qualification and meet a few medical requirements, you can join a flight school. We at Geeta Aviation will guide you through and find you the best flight school for you to train. You can even choose the country where you want to train. We know a few best schools in USA, Canada, South Africa, UK and the rest of Europe as well as Philippines.

If you have a pleasing personality and love travelling and getting along with people, you can consider a career in aviation as an air hostess. Becoming an air hostess makes you different from the rest of the pack. You learn to take responsibilities and duties more seriously as your job demands no less from you. You greet and guide passengers from different geography and walk of life and settle them in making them feel relaxed and safe. You check for your passengers welfare, comfort and safety. You will regularly visit exotic places while also getting paid for it. You learn to work in team and make difficult task look easily done.

Date Published : 2018-1-10

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